The results were impressive. Record Revirginizer lives up to its claim and removes the ground in dirt out of your records.

Finally tried the product out today and its everything it claims to be. I sure as hell will spread the word!!

Brazil send congratulations to Record Revirginizer. It saved several records in my collection.

The LP sounded like some of my pristine Mobile Fidelity LP’s with nice extended bass and clear highs with little or no surface noise. The sound quality went from unlistenable to sounding almost like a new LP that just came out of the jacket. Wonderful stuff!!

I am very happy with your product. I’ve almost done the entire bottle already and plan to purchase more in the future. Thanks for the great product.

What a difference! So clear….no crackles and the clarity of the sound on one album was CD clear. Back when I bought the LP in 1971 I doubt whether I would have heard this amount of clarity….I will be telling as many as I can to buy your fantastic product.

The results have been excellent. With a new stylus and revirginated records, they sound like new……I think it is clearly a very effective prduct. You are to be congratulated.

Truly Amazing, this product is way better than ant record cleaning machine I’ve ever used. Thanks guys, you’ve won me.

I am happy to say that our experiences were so astounding that we will both go on to revirginize our entire collection.

Nice item for anyone interested in preserving or restoring older LP’s that have pops and clicks. Not a scratch repair, but a really valuable cleaning tool for your vinyl lps. It helps to remove the deep down residue that builds up over time on your LP. I have used it on many albums so far, with good results. Helps to restore your older and even remove pressing release agents from you new LP’s. A nice addition to your arsenal of cleaning products necessary for maintaining your valuable collection.

It’s very simple to use and removing it after its dry is very easy. There was some compacted dirt I could see with a jeweller’s loupe that my vacuum couldn’t remove but the Revirginizer removed it on the first try. I live in the desert and it only took 2 hours to dry. I would never use wood glue on my records, but this does the same thing and is much safer and doesn’t leave any sort of residue. Highly recommended for your most valuable records.