Want to know more about Record Revirginizer? We’ve assembled some frequently asked questions below. Or if you have a question that hasn’t been answered here, get in touch!

Most “record cleaners” are primarily made from harsh chemicals or are alcohol based. These cleaners are used to buff the surface of the record which leaves the record looking shiny, but do nothing to get rid of the deeply imbedded dirt, oils and mould that are the causes of the pops and crackles.

Record Revirginizer is a viscous polymer that is extremely soft and gentle (both chemically and physically) on vinyl records and does not damage your fragile record grooves in any way. Revirginizer was developed with the assistance of James Cook University and was specifically developed for professional vinyl record archivists/restorers, professional collectors, and records of musical and/or cultural significance that need to be restored.

Buffing, Static and Gravity
Most “record cleaners” require you to buff a chemical liquid onto the surface of the record until the records surface is dry. This buffing action is extremely detrimental to the condition of the vinyl record, as the friction caused by the buffing works with gravity to push the mould, oils and surface dirt deeper into the microscopic vinyl grooves. At the same time the buffing causes the vinyl record to become statically charged. Static causes the vinyl surface to become a magnet to dirt and dust particles, so in reality buffing vinyl records does them far more harm than good.

Record Revirginizer is unique when compared to other “record cleaners”, the Revirginizer polymer is massaged, not buffed into the vinyl records surface, it then works with gravity to seep right to the bottom of your records microscopic grooves. Revirginizer then starts the restoration process by hydrating and capturing the mould, oils and deeply imbedded dirt that cause the pops and crackles. Once dry Revirginizer is easily pealed from the record and the dirt, mould and oils that were the cause of the pops and crackles are removed along with dried Revirginizer film.

Chemical Residue
Most “record cleaners” leave a chemical residue on the surface of the vinyl record that can cause the vinyl to break down over time and also can clog the record grooves. When you peel the dried Revirginizer film from your record’s surface there is no chemical residue left on your vinyl record whatsoever. Record Revirginizer does not change the chemical structure of your vinyl record in any way.